Thursday, November 20, 2008

Free Socks - Can It Be True?

A while back I read Munson's post on and signed up. Basically, the website hooks up sponsors (like SRAM and Trek) with causes (like Bikes Belong and Breast Cancer Research Foundation). The site encourages folks to bike, run, and hike and log their miles at the web site. The miles are then translated into cash paid on behalf of the participant by the sponsor to the cause. It's really a nifty way to get people motivated about being active. I joked with my wife and friends that I was being sponsored by Trek Bicycles, so I must be a professional cyclist.

In addition to getting riders to log miles for charity, Plus3Network also has a few "challenges" for which cyclists can sign up. One challenge available to me was the SRAM 300 Mile Road Mile challenge. The first 300 members to complete 300 miles would get a free pair of SRAM socks.

Today I logged my 306th mile since joining, and I was the 51st person to claim the free socks! My 300 logged miles have earned a whopping $2.04 for Bikes Belong.

Can it be true? I ask because when I logged my miles and used the website to claim my prize, I received a message on the screen that simply said that I had claimed the prize. Um...ok. How does this work? Plus3Network doesn't have my mailing address or phone number. They do have my email address. Will they use the plotted Google map route from my daily commute to find me on my way to work tomorrow?

I could really use a new pair of cycling socks. I have a nice pair of Smartwool socks that have been with me for the entire 300 miles of the SRAM challenge. The Smartwool socks are still in great shape, but it'd be nice to have an extra pair.

Lately I've only been commuting on my bike at the rate of about 50 miles per week, so it's taken me about six weeks to earn the 300 mile prize. It's amazing that I've washed the Smartwool socks only once or twice a week in all that time, and yet, they don't get icky.

I'll report back on the sock situation when/if they arrive.

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munsoned said...

What'll happen is eventually you will get an email from the Plus3 people that asks for your mailing address. Then sometime (I don't know how long since I sent my address to them 3 weeks ago) you should get your socks. At least I hope so.

brady said...

Good job on earning those socks, Scott. Hopefully, you'll get them soon (to give your other smart wool a break at least).

Lemme tell you that I enjoy seeing your rig on the rack in the morning. Keeps me inspired to keep commuting in the cold.

Speaking of, it was a chilly ride in this morning, eh? Actually, I found 11°F and light wind more enjoyable to ride in than 30°F and 20+ mph winds. What do you think?

munsoned said...

I definitely agree there, Brady. I can walk outside at work with just a button down shirt and slacks on in this weather, but not the windy cold stuff. Wind seems more defeating than anything else on the bike because it's invisible. A hill, rain, gravel you can see. Wind just beats you down with no warning. Reminds me of a good youtube vid.

Scott Redd said...

Thanks for the confirmation, Munson. I'll double check my spam box to make sure the message doesn't get overlooked. That video was awesome, by the way. I've already shared it with my wife, and she though it was a hoot, too. I think that same guy tried to knock me off my bike yesterday.

Brady: I guess it depends on which way the wind is blowing. :)

The count of bikes in the racks is diminishing, for sure. I think I counted about 10 today around lunch time, which, in itself, is quite remarkable given the temps. I wonder how many of those belong to the so-called Bohemians living downtown. I've have seen a few folks over the past months simply walk out of the building and pedal off, without wearing "bike clothes."

The thermometer on my all-but-useless cheapo former bike computer (now just a clock and thermometer) said 13 degrees. With one notable exception, I was comfortable enough on my half-hour ride in.

Just for fun, I think my next blog post will be about my first really cold ride. I'll invite the community to comment, as well, since I do learn a lot from everyone who writes.

Letitia said...

Hi Scott, Letitia here with Plus 3 Network. I sent your socks last week, so you should see them in the mail any day now. Hopefully, this will help give your other socks a rest ;-) Love your blog, and I'm looking forward to seeing a picture of your new SRAM socks on your page ;-) Congratulations on completing the SRAM Challenge!

Scott Redd said...

Hi Letitia:

Thanks for the comment. Coincidentally, I was preparing to write a blog post on the new socks when I saw your comment.

You can see the new socks here.

Thanks for the socks. I look forward to new challenges on 2009.