Tuesday, November 4, 2008

Shifting Gears - Getting Around with No Car, and No Bike

The Shift over the past few days has been a little different. I've had a bit of a cold, so I haven't ridden my bike since Wednesday; almost a week. Let me tell you that I miss it and look forward to resuming the cycle ride next week.

Instead, I've been taking the bus to and from work. I'm still impressed with how easy it is for me to go carless for my normal daily routine. Going bikeless isn't so much fun.

Today, Election Day, was a little bit of a challenge. Tuesday was also a travel day for me, as I am writing this in New Orleans, Louisiana, where I will be attending ApacheCon. You can follow my travel blog here: http://askdirections.blogspot.com/

First thing this morning I saw my daughter off to her school bus, something I don't often get to do. Then I grabbed my backpack and my suitcase and walked to the polling place a couple of blocks from my home. I probably looked odd to my neighbors walking down the street rolling a suitcase.

I got to the polling place fifteen minutes before opening. I waited in line until about 8:05 am where I cast my vote. I made it to the bus stop by 8:15 am to take a bus into downtown. I was pleased how smoothly everything went.

After doing some work and squaring some things away, I got a taxi to the airport.

I've only been in New Orleans for a few hours, and only saw what I could see in the shuttle bus from the airport to the hotel, and from my 40th floor window at the hotel. I don't know if New Orleans is a bike friendly city, but so far, I've seen quite a few riders; even at night. I've seen several locked up to poles and railings, and a handful of bike racks. From what I can tell t through the window, the city looks very flat, and I would imagine that the Gulf Coast weather makes for mild temperatures for much of the year.

Hopefully I'll get back on the saddle next week to continue the Shift on two wheels.


brady said...

You're hopelessly addicted to cycling, Redd. I'm looking forward to hearing more about your report on cycling in the Big Easy. Maybe even some pictures?

Anyway, enjoy your trip to the Big Easy and get over your cold soon

munsoned said...

I'm gonna venture to say that any city larger and more coastly than Omaha is going to have more cyclists. Cycling just isn't traditional heartland values.

Ford F150? Now that's tradition.

Anyway, I digress.

Yes, like Brady said, enjoy your stay on the SouthEast coast and hopefully you can leave that cold down there so you'll be all better to ride in 40 degree weather when you get back.

Scott Redd said...

I went out for lunch, and he weather was nice.

I stood at the corner of Canal and Camp for about 10 minutes taking photos of cyclists. I was amazed at the number of folks using their bikes to get around. I'll post up a new blog entry later with the pics.