Wednesday, November 5, 2008

Cycling in New Orleans - Some Photos

While in New Orleans for ApacheCon 2008, I noticed a fair number of cyclists on the streets. Always being interested in how other people are using their bikes, I took some snapshots. I only did this for 10 minutes or so. Many people seem to ride up and down Canal Street on a Wednesday afternoon.

I didn't see any helmets, Lycra, Spandex, or the typical Great Plains "Fast Guy on a Bike."

A pretty black and yellow job. Notice the rolled up pant leg and the cards in the spokes.

Hi-vis hair instead of hi-vis clothing. Notice the purple and green paint or tape job on the frame. Behind her was a fellow riding a bike with a tiny front wheel and a large back wheel (or maybe the other way around), but unfortunately, I couldn't get a picture.

That's a big basket! Courtesy of the American tax payer.

You can't tell in this photo, but the guy needs to button up his shirt. It's not that hot out.

Rear rack and front basket loaded down. I need to check out the Voodoo Mart tomorrow. I'm fresh out of Voodoo supplies.

Bikes with front racks seem very common here. Notice the mismatched wheels.
I wonder which one is the original? Zooming in, it looks to me like the rear brakes don't make it down to the rims, so my money would be on the front tire.

This young lady's bike looks like it had drop bars, but with the drop parts chopped off.

This bike seems to have wide, fat tires with a high-rising handlebar
Another fat tired bike, with a step through frame. Notice the right pant leg cuffed up.

Ordinary guy on ordinary bike. Sidewalk riding seems common here.

Another fat tired bike, with rear basket and fenders.

Now I know why New Orleans is called "The Big Easy." It's because it's flat and warm all year, making it easy to ride bikes.

Check back tomorrow for a report on bike parking in the New Orleans.

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brady said...

Hey, that's a United States Post office box! Let's just hope that he's actually a mail deliverer and not a felon.

Nice photos. Deep dish yellow rims on a fixed gear, hi-vis hair dos and a woman in converse on a Schwinn roadie with chopped handlebars.

Looks like N.O. is up on the hipster cycling category.

Thanks for the report!