Sunday, December 14, 2008

Free Socks. Yeah, That's Right!

In November, I wrote about the Plus 3 Network where I can log my bike miles to earn money for charity, and how rider challenges are offered to reward riders with premiums. I had recently completed the SRAM 300 Mile Challenge and earned a pair of free socks, and was speculating about how and when the socks would arrive.

I am ecstatic to report hat my new socks arrived last week. Inside the package with the socks, there was a nice, signed card from the Plus 3 team, Letitia Joe and Rick, congratulating me on my success.

Coincidentally, Letitia found that blog entry, commenting that the socks had been sent, and hinting about seeing a picture of the new socks.

Here they are. The socks are so festive looking, they fit right in with the Christmas decor. I hung them "with care" on my hearth, in hope that St. Nick might cram some cool bike stuff in them.

I'd highly recommend that all cyclists, runners and hikers sign up at Plus3 Network and start "Making It Count."

Thanks for the socks.


munsoned said...

I too, received my socks, as did the Bob. I was thinking about doing a fancy post like you, but my digital camera is on the fritz.

I would also like to thank the creators of the Plus3 Network for giving me more reasons to get out on my bike.

brady said...

Look at that hearth and wood burning stove! That settles it: you're bohemian.

BTW, what are you burning to produce such a roaring fire - Microsoft IIS server manuals?

Scott Redd said...

IIS manuals, indeed. This is a case where I endorse a good old fashioned book burning :)

Actually, back in June we had a tree fall on our house during that wind storm. Pictures here.

I spent a good number of hours and days this summer moving, splitting, and stacking firewood. I also spent an afternoon hacking up kindling. I can start a fire with no paper, using a single match, and have it roaring in five minutes. (I really need to get a life)

What you see in the hearth photo is me exacting revenge on the tree. I'm also saving a little on the heating bill and creating a nice ambiance in our family room.