Sunday, May 24, 2009

Bike Tweeps in Omaha

Since the 2009 YP Bus Challenge I've been playing with Twitter. Aside from being a waste of time, Twitter is a fun way to keep up with friends, and make new ones. Many folks used Twitter to write short dispatches about their bus adventures (and misadventures), often with a humorous twist. By following the other people who were following the @YPBusChallenge updates, I was able to find some other like minded folks to keep up with. Through Twitter and the Bus Challenge, I had the pleasure to meet some of the folks in person. Even after the challenge is over, I find that I'm still interested in what some of these folks are tweeting.

Just for fun, I sent out a tweet to my network of followers asking for people to send to me photos of their bikes. I present them here for your viewing.

@rardy117 got a new bike for the Mayor's Bike Ride. He loves to be pedal it up long hills. I think he's put more miles on this bike in the first two weeks than some do in a year.

@jenzim123 has a hard time deciding which from her extensive helmet collection to wear when she bikes it to work.

@VJDavis2 is almost seven feet tall. The extra tall seat post helps him stay comfy on rides to all destinations midtown.

@aeikenberry rides her fully outfitted urban assault bike on the streets during the week and on the bike paths on the weekends.

@BradyMurphy didn't respond to my Twitter request, but I know where he keeps photos of his bikes. "Old Yeller" is often confused for a Union Pacific locomotive.

@UnderDaHill also didn't respond to the Twitter request. Bob was hard to catch as he was getting ready for a 100+ mile ride yesterday morning, so I snapped this picture during one of those rare moments while he wasn't moving.

@Pedal_EB. Wow, I don't even know what to say about this picture.

@ScottRedd... that's me. Finally, here's a photo of my 1976 Schwinn Le Tour II. I've got plans for this bike (that unfortunately keep changing). Here it is minimally restored to it's 1976 configuration.

So, Omaha bike tweeps, let's keep the bike conversations flying on Twitter. Be sure to tweet about the fun and cool stuff that happening around you when you're on your bikes.


Scott Redd said...

Wow, I've got some typos in there. I'll fix them later. Listen up, kiddies... Don't blog when you should be taking a nap.

RD said...

i know what to say to eb picture... jumping curbs again eh?