Saturday, May 23, 2009

2009 Crank and ... Crank

On Friday, Biker Bob put out a call for a modified Crank and Camp ride. This time, all Crank... no Camp.

The idea was to meet at Blue Line at 7am, then cross the BK Pedestrian Bridge and ride to the Wabash Trace trail head. There we would meet up with some others, where Bob and Phil would ride to Missouri, turn around and head back before calling for a ride. Anyone was welcome to ride as far as they want, but everyone must provide for their own transport home, be it bike or SAG support. Bob and Phil will probably end up doing a 100+ miles before the end of the day.

Roxanne and I rode from home to the Blue Line where we met with Munson and Bob. BLC wasn't open yet, so Munson got some go-juice at Scooter's in the Holiday Inn. We crossed the bridge and headed toward the Wabash Trace. Roxanne and I rode back a ways while Bob and Munson rode on to meet Phil and Rafal.

Fast forward about 14 miles, one mile short of the trailhead. Bob, Munson, Phil and Rafal rode back on the Manawa Trail a ways to meet up with us. After a brief photo shoot, we all rode to the Wabash trailhead, and then about two miles down the gravel. Roxanne and I turned back and Munson joined us. I think Rafal went on to Silver City with Bob and Phil.

After a chatty ride back to downtown (in the rain), Roxanne, Munson and I had lunch at the Blue Line around 10am. Note: BLC isn't really set up for lunch at 10am, so be patient and kind when waiting for your meal that early in the morning.

After a nice lunch filled with more chat, we all headed back home. I think Munson had a full day planned with his fiancée, and Roxanne and I planned to take our daughter and her friend either to the zoo or the Renaissance Faire.

It was a lot of fun to meet up with all of the riders and share some cranks and conversation. I also welcomed the opportunity to introduce Roxanne to everyone. Finally, it was nice to meet Munson in person. We'd corresponded through the blogs mostly, but never talked face to face.

Total mileage for me and Roxanne: 42 miles. Not a bad ride at a time before many had even had lunch.

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munsoned said...

As you said, Scott, it was a great way to start the holiday weekend. I'm not sure if I did, but thanks so much for lunch. Any time you want to stop by to get those bars switched out, let me know. I'll make the time.

Roxanne, it was also great to meet you.