Tuesday, May 26, 2009

3,000 Miles And Counting

According to MapMyRide, I broke 3,000 miles this weekend!

I still have a month and a half before the one year anniversary of my cycle commuting conversion. I expect to log another 500 - 1,000 by then. (500 easy... 1,000 if I work at it).

Since the MapMyRide stats are fun to look at, I will reprint them here.

I'll also add that the total weight loss thus far is 25 pounds. It is my hope that with the longer summer daylight hours and extra time to get things done around the house that I'll be able to get some more miles in and see some more weight loss.

To those of you who have encouraged me in this venture, "Thank you!" To those who may be thinking of bike commuting, "Get out there and pedal. If I can do this, so can you!"


Stuart said...

Great achievement Scott. I've just finished my second year of cycle commuting in the UK, around 80 miles a week rain or shine and love every mile. Good weight loss too, well done, keep it up. Stu

Steve said...

The switch to bicycle commuting is such a great lifestyle change. The social and health benefits are easy to observe, and the perspective shift (of views of time and space) is intense and wonderful. Keep it up Scott.

brady said...

I agree with Stuart and Steve: cycling has so many benefits built it in beyond turning a pedal. One that I appreciate is in gaining new friends.

Also, I think I can speak for all that we appreciate your efforts to record your journey -- even if 1/477th of it was a walk (it still counts).

Here's to the next 3K and beyond!

Scott Redd said...

Gosh, thanks guys. I wasn't fishing for attaboys, but I'll take 'em.

You're the best.

I don't know how that walk got listed in my miles. I wonder if that was the day I went bike shopping on a bike and had to walk the old and the new home together from the bus stop.