Monday, May 11, 2009

2009 Mayor's Bicycle Ride and Bike To Work Week

This morning Activate Omaha kicked off the 2009 Bike To Work Commuter Challenge. Mayor Fahey was there, but unfortunately, did not ride. Additionally, neither candidate Hal Daub or Jim Suttle put in an appearance.

After a short proclamation by the Mayor, the group ride pedaled off from 10th and Bancroft to the Bob Kerrey Pedestrian Bridge. The weather was gorgeous, and the two and a half mile ride was all downhill, so more time was spent braking than pedaling.

RD was kind enough to host a group breakfast at his house where he made awesome pancakes and served coffee. I think about 10 people showed up at his place.

Here are some selected photos below. Click here for the full album.

Bikes at Bancroft Street Market

KPTM News Crew

Mark and Steve

Lucas is always there with his photography gear

Bob record stills and video of the event

The bike racks were filled to overflowing this morning


Steve said...

You got some nice shots. I forgot my camera, so I copied a bunch of yours onto my computer. Hopefully you don't mind.

Also, the Schwinn is looking good.

Scott Redd said...

Thanks, Steve.

Certainly, use the photos any way you want. Just cut me in on the profit if you manage to sell any. :)

The Omaha World-Herald has a nice report on the 2009 Mayor's Ride here.