Sunday, February 8, 2009

Bike Signage Goes Up On The Turner Boulevard Trail

The City of Omaha erected new signage along the Turner Boulevard Trail around January 28, 2009. If I remember correctly, that's the day I didn't see the new bike path stop signs in the morning, but did see them in the afternoon. It's remarkable to me that the City erected the signs with a quite a bit of snow and ice still on the streets. I guess a work schedule is a work schedule, and deadlines must be met.

These decorative stop signs are appropriate for the historic neighborhoods through which the trail runs. The stop signs are about half the size of a regular stop sign, and serve to remind cyclists to stop where the path crosses a street.

In my opinion, they also help to legitimize bicycle traffic to citizens who may not otherwise understand cycling issues by visually reminding motorists to expect the cycling traffic. I'd like to see some "bike crossing" signs around here as well.

At the intersection of 36th Street and Pacific stands a stop sign with some information about how to connect with the Field Club Trail. It reads:

BICYCLES [arrow pointing West]

PEDESTRIANS [arrow pointing South]
I would imagine that a similar sign will show up on the Field Club Trail at Pacific Street directing users up the hill toward 36th Street.

Originally, I thought that the Turner Boulevard Trail would connect directly with the Field Club Trail, but the placement and wording of this sign makes me think not.

These kinds of in-town, urban trails connecting neighborhoods together, and to the greater trail system go a long way to show the City's commitment to promoting cycling as part of the overall transportation plan.

More Turner Boulevard Trail information:


RD said...

nice ride up. You should totally come out for end of the month ride on 28th you can meet most of the people that commute...
beware of iphone life less productive now... :)

brady said...

Nice coverage, Scott. Seeing/reading commentaries like this helps to reinforce the commuting by bike lifestyle in Omaha. At least it does for me.

I agree with RD - you'd really enjoy the 28th ride. Make it happen.

EB said...

Excellent post!!!

I'll be emailing ya soon as a source for an article.

The Douglas said...

Good stuff Scott.
However [buzzkill alert] I have to disagree with the notion that a relatively small addition to a "pedestrian pathway" is any improvement in incorporating bicycles in Omaha's transportation scene. It only segregates us. If we expect to be treated like pedestrians, then by all means use pedestrian trails. I demand I be treated like Traffic because I AM traffic.

Swing and a my opinion.
Although the signage is nice.

EB said...

Dig the buzzkill alert and completley agree with ya Douglas.

Hit the Streets!

Scott Redd said...

Thanks for the comment, TD.

My opinion on this is that segregated bike paths and painted bike lanes serve to encourage new cyclists into utility and commuter cycling. I believe that once they get comfortable with the bike and negotiating limited traffic, a portion of them will take to the streets.

I understand about actual safety versus perceived safety (nice write up here). Until our country can become more like the Netherlands, I think that bike lanes and bike paths are important first steps for our city by enhancing the perceived safety of new riders.

The Douglas said...

I agree with you 100%. After I posted and re-read my post I wish I would have made that exact statement....paths and trails are great and are needed in the city. Not only for newer cyclists but for those who pull children in Burleys or younger cyclists who shouldn't be in the street.
Again...great article.