Thursday, February 26, 2009

Downtown Omaha Recycles

This blog post is not exactly about cycling, but rather, recycling.

I popped into Patrick's Market this afternoon to get some things needed at home. I like Patrick's because, to me, it represents a healthy downtown. Residents of downtown (which I am not) and downtown workers (which I am) need a full service market to shop. It's convenient for me to shop there, as I can more easily stop in on the way home from work than I can my own neighborhood market.

I think I read somewhere that Patrick's was considering installing a bike rack for customers, so that kind of ties this post back into the topic of going by bike.

Outside the store was the recycling and trash container shown pictured here. On the left is a hole for receiving mixed plastic, metal and paper recyclables. On the right is a hole for regular trash.

At first I thought this was a city owned fixture, but when examining the picture later, I realized it's provided by the Omaha Downtown Improvement District Association, a group of residents, property owners, and businesses in the downtown area. According to the group's website, there are a total of 10 recycling receptacles in downtown to aid in keeping Omaha clean and tidy.

The next time you're downtown and you see a plastic bottle or soda can lying about, pick it up and drop it in the slot. You'll get a little karma++, plus help to make Omaha a more attractive city.


RD said...

you know what omaha really needs? composting service and education... and i don't mean the grass composting but that works well in your backyard

EB said...

They should have named that place Howard's!