Tuesday, April 7, 2009

Passing Gas

Um, that should be passing gas stations... as in cycling right on by.

Oh well. Saturday morning I had to buy more gas in the truck again. The last time I bought gas for the truck was back on February 5. I'd driven it 278 miles and purchased 15.9 gallons, making for about 17.5 miles per gallon, at a cost of $30.77 for a fill-up.

17.5 MPG is not so good. I guess carrying around all those sandbags and some items destined for the dump aren't doing me any good on the dry streets. Perhaps in the snow it was nice for extra traction.

I wonder how many miles I could ride on my bike for $30.77 worth of burritos, hummus and Dr. Pepper?


munsoned said...

For me, that would be 2 miles. I eat lots.

Just kidding. So in 6 months, you've filled up twice? Is that about right? Well done, sir.

Scott Redd said...

To be fair, note that the truck for me was sort of a secondary vehicle. One in which I would drive, usually by myself, when we weren't going somewhere as a couple or a family. That would be commuting to work, some errands, etc.

The bike has replaced that function for the truck. We still buy gas for our car quite often. However, the impact that the bicycle has made in the gas budget is noticeable.

Steve B said...

Personally I've noticed that I'm not really saving much money by riding to work. A 10 speed Dura Ace chain is $65. Filling up my pickup is currently about $25. so about $75 gets me aprox 900 in my truck and $65 gets me 1000 miles on the bike and then I need a new chain.

If I consider oil changes and basic maintenance on my truck equivalent to other regular maintenance on my bike then they don't differ too much in price. Don't tell anyone though.