Saturday, April 4, 2009

Spring 2009 Bike Tune-ups

When you really get down to it, Redd Shift is a personal blog. I only occasionally pretend to be a blog of interest to the world. Perhaps the discussions that spring up are of interest to some.

This post is not interesting. I'm using the post to record some bike maintenance information so I don't forget what I did and when I did it.

Yesterday I pedaled down to Re-Cycle bike shop at 13th and Center at lunch and walked back to work. Mike, the owner and chief mechanic, tuned up my Trek 7300 with his second best tune-up plan. I wasn't feeling ritzy eough to splurge for the detailing and wax job, especially since Roxanne and I will be dirtying up the biking down the Wabash Trace next week to stay overnight in Shenandoah, Iowa.

My chain was stretched after about 2,200 miles, so we got that replaced. Mike cleaned up the drive train (wow, the cogs are really silver! I always thought they were black), replaced my cabling (leaving the housings, which were still in good shape), and replaced the front brake shoes. I've done that before myself, but I figured while he was tuning up, I might as well go ahead and let him take care of it. Mike also trued the wheels and adjusted the hubs and bottom bracket.

On my way home I noticed the chain would pop when under load on the biggest cogs. I wonder if they are worn. Mike said he could take a look at it when I bring the bike by.

Today I left Roxanne's Trek 7300 for a similar tune-up this morning. She's getting a new chain, too, but I think everything else is still in pretty good shape.

Mike is very friendly and helpful. He has always been accommodating in getting our bikes in and out for service. His rates are great, too, and it's nice to help support truly local businesses when I can.


Scott Redd said...

I took my bike back to the shop today to have Mike look at a problem using my second biggest cog. The chain skips when under load, such as during a hill climb.

He must have spent 45 minutes adjusting, aligning, filing, etc., but in the end it had no effect.

The prognosis now is that the cassette should be replaced, as that cog must have enough wear on it so as not to be 100% compatible with the new chain.

We'll take care of that next week, but for now, I'll just avoid using that gear.

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