Monday, January 5, 2009

I'm Going To Pump.... Me Up

No more girlie man for me. Hanz and Franz are going to pump me up.

This is totally unrelated to bike commuting, but I felt that the new year is a good time to start a new practice. Since I'm in the gym each weekday changing clothes after my morning commute, why not take an extra 20-30 minutes and do some strength training?

By putting it in writing here, I've challenged myself to stick to it and make it work.


bryan said...

You'll make it stick, Scott. The key to committing to things like that isn't resolving to change. Rather, it's making the lifestyle change to make it work.

And you've already done pretty well at that part.

Scott Redd said...

Thanks, Bryan. I appreciate the comment.

If an exercise machine could be personified, I think the shoulder rotator machine would on par with Hitler, Pinochet, Chairman Mao and Kodos the Executioner of Tarsus IV.

That machine is kicking my butt.

brady said...

How are you feeling 24 hours later? And then there's tomorrow. Even better!

I saw a clip for Star Trek (2009) recently. I'm wondering if Taurus IV will be tangentially part of the plot.

Scott Redd said...

Heh... I feel sore like I did after the first couple of times that I rode my bike to work, only this time it's as if I inverted myself on the bike and pedaled with my arms.

I always got a kick out of Star Trek when they would name a line of famous composers, authors, scientists, politicians, etc.

Three from traditional Earth history, then one from Earth's future (from our perspective) and/or alien civilizations.

I'll certainly go see the movie, but I am not sure how it will mesh with the original series. It may be hard seeing other actors play the original crew.

Scott Redd said...

Well, I managed to work out four out of the five weekdays this week.

I lost my PI Vagabond jacket on Thursday and lost some time Friday morning looking for it.

I look forward to getting back at it next week. It's really not that hard figuring the extra workout time into my daily schedule, since I am already at the gym showering and changing after my commutes, anyway.