Wednesday, January 28, 2009

Cinch In A Notch, Watch Out For Karma

Yesterday I pulled my pants belt in a notch. It was difficult, not in that I needed a mule team to pull the belt through the buckle, but that the faux leather belt was mighty accustomed to the previous hole. It took some manipulating to get the tongue (is that the name for the spindle part that goes into the hole?) into the new, unused hole.

I wrote before about losing 20 pounds since I started biking to work. So pulling in the belt was another nice way to confirm the physical changes that have occurred.

However, maybe bragging about it wasn't such a good idea. I don't brag, really. Rather, I get excited about things and feel I have to share.

This morning I noticed that the ratchet strap on my helmet was broken.

I guess this means that bragging about cinching in my belt a notch went to my head. Literally.

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EB said...

Great Stuff Man!