Friday, August 29, 2008

Rock and Roll

Or, How To Get Your Recommended Daily Dose of Minerals

This morning my wife, Roxanne, accompanied me on my commute into downtown. Near the VA hospital on Woolworth Avenue, I started kicking up some fine gravel and it made buzzing noises in my fenders. Roxanne, riding in front of me, asked me what the noise was. I replied back to "Rox" that rocks in the fender will make that noise. I suggested that she get fenders on her bike, too.

No sooner than I had gotten those words out of my mouth, Rox kicked up some rocks with her back tire, which is not outfitted with a fender, and a tiny stone went right into my mouth! I coughed, but I'm pretty sure that I swallowed the little rock.

I not going to to worry much about it, though. Like all things, good and bad, this too shall pass.

Get it? Pass. Oh, well. It's not that funny.

Please comment on some of the strange things you've accidentally swallowed while cycling.


Emily said...

Um, I think I swallowed a bug...?

brady said...

Lots of bugs. I've also taken a bug in the eye. I dug it out from beneath the lower eyelid when I discovered it in the bathroom mirror later after the ride. It was the last time I forgot to wear glasses.

Did you pass the stone yet?

Scott Redd said...

Well, to be honest, I haven't been looking. I'm optimistic. I believe that everything will come out OK in the end.

Get it? Come out? The end? Oh, well. Never mind. :)

Emily said...

Dad, don't try to be funny...
Just kidding.