Saturday, August 23, 2008

Omaha Bikeway - An In-Town Bikeway Network for Omaha

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A few weeks ago I, along with my friend, Jeff, had the pleasure of speaking with Mr. Todd Pfitzer, Traffic Engineer for the City of Omaha. He filled me in about the future of bike lanes in Omaha, and the news is good. Mr. Pfitzer is a cyclist and a motorcyclist, himself, and thus, well versed in all aspects of traffic management in the city.

Mr. Pfitzer has been working with Marty Shukert, a planner with the design firm of RDG Crose, Gardner, Shukert Inc., on obtaining money for and planing the development of bike transportation in Omaha. I left with information prepared by Mr. Shukert on proposed bike lanes, bicycle boulevards, and some interconnecting multi-use trails. I’ve taken the information and plotted it, to the best of my interpretation of the written descriptions, on a Google Map.

Omaha Bikeway - The Map

To access the map, click here. You can also access it using this special URL:

This map may be augmented in the future to show all existing bike trails in the Omaha area.

How to Read the Map

The blue lines represent future bike lanes. A bike lane is an extra lane with on-street painted markings showing the lane.

The red lines represent future bicycle boulevards. A bicycle boulevard is a route selected especially for bicycle travel due to gentle grades, wide lanes, and potentially reduced traffic. A bicycle boulevard will not have a marked bike lane, but may feature signage to reminde cyclists and motorists to “share the road.” A bicycle boulevard may also have drainage grates removed to reduce rist to cyclists riding the route.

The green lines represent existing multi-use trails that may connect with bike lanes and bicycle boulevards. The multi-use trails are integrated with sidewalks in some areas and often intersect with roads.

The pink lines represent proposed bike lanes that for whatever reasons, have been rejected.

I’ve also added points of interest to the map that augment the use of the Omaha Bikeway. These include future in-town developments such as Midtown Crossing (near Mutual of Omaha), Aksarben Village (at the site of the old Aksarben fairgrounds), and bike shops.

I will post updates to this blog as new information on the Omaha Bikeway becomes available.


Please note that this information is all very unofficial. Don’t hold me, the city of Omaha, or any of the above mentioned persons responsible for the accuracy of the maps or for the status of the projects. The information was shared with me as a courtesy and not in any official capacity.

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