Wednesday, August 27, 2008

Have You Ever Seen the Rain?

I saw it this morning! But luckily, only after I pulled the key out of my bike lock and entered the building. Lucky me.

It felt like rain, and there was distant lightning all around, so I pedaled my happy little feet the entire way and just barely beat the deluge that was to come.

In a way, this saddens me. I've been bike commuting since July 16, and got fenders a week or so after. I've not yet had the opportunity to try out the fenders in the rain. I'm sure riding in the rain once will be good enough. :)

Am I ready for a rainy ride home? I don't know. Certainly I don't mind getting wet. However, I don't know for sure that my pannier is waterproof. I've got some plastic bags to wrap things up in, but I'd rather the inside of the pannier stay dry.

Please comment with your own rainy ride experiences.


brady said...

When it's actively raining, I'll take the bus (path of least resistance).

It's not that my 1990 GT Karakoram with Freddy Fenders and blackburn panniers couldn't handle it. In fact, they do well the standing slop leftover from the rain. I'd just prefer to not ride while it's actively raining.

Sorry. I'm lazy. Not a very steel-cut response.

Scott Redd said...

Maybe that's the path of sanity. Surely riding during a rainstorm would be more dangerous, since the motorists are having a hard enough time just seeing out of their windshields.

I doubt lazy enters in to it.

Perhaps when MAT adds the bus racks, you could carry the bike in by bus and ride it home. Happy compromise.