Wednesday, September 10, 2008

Bob Is A Good Friend

This morning I attached my grocery pannier to my rack so I could pick up some groceries on my ride out of downtown. This is yet one more way I can avoid a trip in a car.

While waiting for fellow afternoon "bikepool" rider, Jeff, I saw someone ride up to the market on a road style bike with a guitar strapped to his back and pulling a trailer with a cooler on it. He introduced himself as Henry, and we talked for a moment about the trailer and compared notes about carrying stuff.

I can carry about 50 pounds of stuff on my rack, assuming I could fit it all in panniers or bungee it to the rack. Henry said his "Bob" trailer can carry about 75 pounds of stuff on it, and shaped like a low, flat sled, has ample room for carrying large loads. Henry seemed to be using the cooler as a large waterproof trunk, holding lots of stuff inside. Presumably he could get a week's worth of groceries in there, as well.

So if you see Henry with his guitar and drawing a blue cooler behind him, be sure to give him a friendly wave. He is probably carrying more stuff in there than most motorists have in their cars.


brady said... carrying fresh human organs in that cooler (wait did I just type that?!)

What I meant to say was that Henry's got a great thing going, especially with that cooler. I've seen the Bob before, but not with an insulated and waterproof carrier to carry fresh "meat" around in (there I go again).

Redd, you're getting into this commuting thing very nicely. Perhaps you will one day own one of these.

Scott Redd said...

Gosh, Brady. Have you been transformed into some kind of undead zombie with a taste for human flesh?

By the way, if you haven't seen Fido, you've missed out on one of the most touching and heartwarming zombie stories ever.

brady said...

Indeed, that looks like my type of movie. Fido is on the list. Thanks for the suggestion.