Sunday, January 17, 2010

Guerrilla Trail Crew - Doing What Must Be Done

I'm too lazy (and tired following an afternoon of digging) to write anything about this, so I'll just rely on links and photos to tell the story.

The Guerrilla Trail Crew web site:

Join the Facebook fan page.

GTC 2010 Strike #1 (North Keystone Trail, Jan. 11, 2010):
GTC 2010 Strike #1 (North West Papio Trail, Jan. 17, 2010):
A few photos:


The Douglas said...

What else can I say.

Biker Bob said...

Yo Scott. Somebody painted "Wash Me" in the dust layers on your blog. ;-)

I still have you handlebar camer mount. Let me know when you need it back. I'll use it on some additional video footage runs, but if you need it back, I'll pony up a coupld bucks to make my own.

Colin said...

I miss this blog.