Saturday, December 5, 2009

Holiday Lights on a Bike

Graphic design by Emily Redd

On the occasion of next week's 2009 Bike Omaha Bike De'lights holiday lights tour, I decided to get festive and decorate my bike.

On the handlebars is a wreath with sleigh bells. A sleigh bell also hangs near each brake lever.

I used battery operated lights from Walmart. Each strand cost about $6. I wove one strand around the main triangle, and a second is secured using zip ties and home made fender clips. I fashioned the fender clips from a Dr. Pepper soda can using tin snips.

The battery packs are secured under the saddle using a plethora of zip ties, using more than needed, as they have a tendency to break in cold weather.

Please come out and join us for the ride, even if you don't have a decorated bike. I will have some extra sleigh bells to hand out if you want to jingle all the way.

The ride has garnered some interest from the community:
Be sure to follow @BikeOmaha on Twitter for last minute updates and news about the ride.


The Douglas said...

Nice job Scott. Bike looks great!

Scott Redd said...

Thanks. Looking at the snowy forecast, I might need to move the decorations over to my studded tired cross bike.