Wednesday, August 5, 2009

Ring My Bell

I ordered an all-metal brass and steel bell from Olympia Cycle to go on the single speed Schwinn.

Here it is pictured to the right. Sorry, there's a smudge on my camera lens.

A bell is a must for riding around pedestrians and slower moving cyclists, especially on the bike paths.

I actually ordered another model, but Larry ordered a batch of both styles from his supplier. If you want a solid, loud and clear brass bell for your bike, now's the time to go to Olympia and pick one up for about $13.


Biker Bob said...

Hmm... I was thinking of getting one for my long haul trucker. All I need now is the Brown Brooks saddle and matching bar tape. ;-)

Seriously though, can I paypal you some money and have you pick one up for me the next time your there? I'm almost never in that part of town.

Scott Redd said...

Hey Bob:

Do you want the one with the spring striker, or the lever. The one in the picture is the one with the lever.



I may swing by there tomorrow and pick it up. I might get one for my daughter's bike, too.

erik said...

lever's best, but they can break easier than the spring.

my two cents, got 6 bells floating around here.

Scott Redd said...

The bell seems to work well. I rode "Pretty Easy Friday" with Brady and Wes today.

On the way back from Lake Manawa near the BK Bridge was a man walking with earbuds in. One long, lone "diiiiiiiiiiiiinnnnnnnnnnnng" was enough for him to hear us approaching.

With the bell on the stem, I can't strike it without taking a hand off the bars like I can do with my Tricross and hybrid bikes, but it's not that much of an issue, and I think it looks great.

Scott Redd said...

Bob: I went to Olympia to get a bell for you and for my daughter. Apparently, the bell with the lever striker was popular, as they've sold out completely in less than a week.

I got the spring striker bell for my daughter's Schwinn Varsity, and I think they have a couple more in stock.

While there, I also got a basic handlebar bag to put on the Schwinn when I need to carry stuff, but don't want to take along a messenger bag or backpack. This way, I can feel secure in taking along a spare tube and some tools when out on a pleasure ride without the regular commuter bag on my back.

Being able to route the brake cables under the bar tape makes a handlebar bag a possibility.

erik said...

you should get this, 60cm but judging from the looks of your 54 it'll be a perfect fit. or anyone else.